1080p gaming, future proof, don't care for 4k or overclocking really.

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As the title suggests.

I have 2 1900x1200 Dell monitors for art, 60hz refresh which is fine., I don't play many fast-paced games. Not looking for a 4k rig at all. Looking for something that will last a few years, no need to overclock, and I never change processors, etc. I upgraded my last PC videocard once, bought it real strong at the time. I assume I do not need some beast machine with a new Ryzen 7 and 3070ti. That is why I am here though. Any suggestions for a strong rig that will last a good 3ish years?

Budget: My budget is $1500-2k

Apps & Games: I play Warcraft a lot, and then some other random thing from Steam, Divinity 2, looking to play Baldurs Gate 3, I play Skyrim, Looking to play Horizen Zero Dawn, Cyberpunk. Photoshop for art, some Blender, Some Premiere Pro, Clip Studio. Looking to stream art on Youtube or Twitch in the near future also.

Thanks! :)


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