Do you extend pick up if the store is closed on one of the days that I was supposed to pick up?

I just noticed that the store is closed tomorrow, and I was supposed to go and pick up my reserved product first in the morning. Also, tomorrow is the final day of my reservation :( 

So will it extend to Friday, automatically, in this scenario? Thanks.


  • JS_MC
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    Hi @SDEagle. Great question. The answer is a bit complicated, but to sum it up the answer is a likely yes.

    In a more detailed response, my understanding is that our system for reservations is completely automated. Because it's completely automated, we don't have a way to extend the reservation time. However, we've gotten so many reservations over the past couple of days that our team hasn't been able to process the orders that have expired and return them to the shelf. This likely means that your item is still waiting for you at the reservation counter. We're doing our best to get through to every order as quickly as possible, but this is the busiest time of year!

    We're doing our best to serve every customer with the best customer service we can! Thanks for your patience and happy holidays!

  • SDEagle
    Thanks for the prompt response, JS_MC. I was able to go early in the morning today, and luckily, my products were still waiting for me to pick them up 😊 So it was a happy ending, lol. You have a wonderful day!
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