Store and website inventory discrepancy on Black Friday


I think Microcenter needs a better system in place during Black Friday with inventory.

I just went to NY Flushing store this morning 11/25 for the AMD 7000 series bundle with free memory 6000J362X16FX5. The website states “17 NEW IN STOCK at Flushing Store - Buy In Store” for the memory kit and yet it was sold out at the store. I told the clerk that when I checked earlier it was in store and he said maybe the system wasn’t updated yet. I asked if they will be more tomorrow and the clerk wasn’t sure.

I’m looking at the website now after coming back from the store and it still states “17 NEW IN STOCK at Flushing Store - Buy In Store” I’m giving the benefit of the doubt here and that the system is overworked and not some shady thing here from microcenter to lure customer into the store with false information.

Is there a way for me to check stock status without actually going to the store and asking the clerks? Cause the website isn’t accurate right now in black Friday.



  • JS_MC

    Hi @rza93

    Sorry to hear about this experience you've had in our store.

    Our system typically updates every 15-25 minutes to my understanding. This should be accurate or near-live information. I'll reach out to our web team and the team in the store to share your feedback.

    I'll also be sending you an email to confirm your contact information. I'd like to send a request over to our store to give you some peace of mind and information about the current inventory for this item.

    Please keep an eye out for my email.

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