Why can't I speak to the local builder?


Funny thing. All day long I get ads from PC builders trying to entice me to buy something. Now that I want to build something, I can't find a phone number to the local Micro Center builder. I went to the online PC builder and added the parts. It got confusing from there. It asked if I wanted "Same day assembly". I clicked "no" thinking it might be a little less expensive NOT to have a same day build. Perhaps another option is available? Now the website thinks I want pick up the parts and build it myself. It will not let me cancel the order.....only add to it. I cannot find an email, phone number, and the chat option is useless. Whatever. Micro Center, you have a potential customer that want's to throw cash at you. I'm not spending over 2000 on a pc before talking to someone. You know what to do....unless you hate making money. Also, I'm not picking up the parts on order. I want it built. Thanks.


  • swsdc

    Because you are interested in Microcenter building the PC for you, I highly recommend checking this page out for information on pricing and what is included in each package:


    As for contacting Microcenter, that gets a little more tricky. They used to list a phone number per store, and I still have the phone number for my store (Brentwood MO):


    You could try calling that store, and see if they'd transfer you to your store, or give you a different phone number. I find it somewhat unfortunate that they removed their phone numbers from their website, but once you get in contact with a representative, you'll find that their customer service is pretty good. (It's probably just corporate causing problems like normal.)

    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with Microcenter. I hope I've helped you get in contact with someone who can help you figure out what you are looking for.

  • Jasone
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    Wow. I decided to order a 3000.00 build and customer service (via online chat) still would not let me speak with the builder at Micro Center. I'm going somewhere else. I will try to post the end part of the chat with Kyle H. I don't know who runs this company, but all I needed was a 5 minute conversation. I've never experienced such non-business like behavior from such a large company. I had already run my credit card. They just wanted to slap this together and have me pick it up in the morning with no conversation about the purchase. Fail

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