Looking for any sort of issues with this build, other than my wallet up in flames.

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Hello enthusiasts, I'm here to put you to the test. My build is somewhat complicated and relatively hard to follow bc there's a lot of information.

It's finally time for an upgrade, and what better time to do it than on my 18th birthday?

Anyways, my goal was to be as balls to the wall as possible without spending money on stuff that was useless, like DDR5 7800 MHz. Sure... In a perfect world I'm throwing away like 2% performance, but it's a lot cheaper.

Here's the component list: https://www.microcenter.com/site/content/custom-pc-builder.aspx?load=0c0cb12a-9cb9-4d82-bb21-2fdf344ea492

And a Radeon RX 7900 XTX with 3 8-Pin Power connectors for some juicy overclocking

If you are looking for a TL;DR question sheet scroll down to the bottom.

And here's a list of some of the games I play and programs I use:

  • Valorant
  • ARK: Survival Evolved (I plan on playing ARK 2 as well)
  • Autodesk Inventor (Usually within the range of 200-300 parts, which is why I'd prefer 64GB of ram)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Nothing more intense than 4k and mostly 2k)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Mostly 4k)
  • Carbide Create
  • Carbide Motion
  • Lightburn

What I have right now:

Corsair 465X

Intel i7-9700k

ASUS Prime Z390-P

32 GB ddr4 3600 MHz

RTX 2080 Zotac Twin Fan

All 9 Fans that are on the PC Part Picker List

Both SSDs and the hard drive in the PC Part picker list

Three monitors (All 24" and 1080p):

  • MSI Optix MAG24C x2
  • ASUS VH222H

I'm planning on switching out my VH222H for the M32U mentioned in the PCPP list.

My current MSI monitors are giving me some weird issues:

If I lower the Refresh Rate from 144 to, and I'm quoting Nvidia Control Panel, "119.9822222222" this issue seems to go away. (Also my other Optix power cable is loose internally or smth, cuz if it gets barely bumped it restarts)

More stuff I have:

GoXLR Mini

Shure SM7B

Shure Aonic 215 wired

Audioengine A2(non +) speakers

A really dirty Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT, bc I never clean it xD

And I think that's it.

Another bit of information that could be important:

I have an 18TB NAS with two parity drives running an Unraid PRO license, with a few VRMS for game servers like ARK. (Making the 10G Ethernet a nice feature for me.)


I also plan on doing custom water cooling sometime in April through June with the following stuff:

3 Performance Edition Radiators

Front Mounted Distro Plate


GPU Block (Subject to change depending on the card I get [Most likely Red Devil])

+ Tubes, fittings, and clear coolant.


What kit will I need to mount my H150i that I already own on an LGA 1700 CPU?

Are four sticks of 6800 MHz RAM in XMP gonna cause issues with my CPU's memory controller (or motherboard's memory controller)

Can I fit the three rads with fans in the O11D-XL? I was planning on the side-mounted radiator to sit in the back of the case with the tubes coming out the top, and the RGB Fans in front on top.

Any other clearance issues or problems I haven't seen or considered yet?

Thanks for any assistance :)

I very much appreciate the help.


  • magarity
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    Socket 1700 is just a little taller so it needs these little extenders: LGA1700 Retrofit Kit (corsair.com) and that assumes you held on to the 1200 bracket. You can probably find something at your local hardware store though.

    The 7900XFX is expected to be a 355W part, so three 360 radiators might be amusing but is excessive. My 6800XT draws up to 320W OC'd with a 5950X and two 360's work just fine for me. Very few extra large cases fit three 360's without being kludged into place. And then there's where to get the air to supply that many. A front mounted distro plate pretty much guarantees you can't fit 3 since it takes the place of one.

  • swsdc

    Thanks for the information about the retrofit kit.

    About the radiators:

    I absolutely know this build is insanely overkill. So the part about having 3 radiators is more or less for looks. And I can’t test clearances yet since I don’t have any of the parts. I appreciate your concern relating to the clearances, but this is my plan:

    have one top mounted radiator 360mm
    one bottom mounted radiator 360mm
    and one side mounted radiator (Put behind the panel with the fans on the side facing outwards)
    It will absolutely be a tight fit, but I think it’s doable, as long as the radiator is behind the panel of the case. It will take up some room for cable management but some sacrifices must be made somewhere.

    As for airflow I also should be ok with 9 Corsair fans + maybe a 10th if it fits in the rear.
    airflow configuration is as follows:
    The bottom rad pulls air into the case, and the top one pushes out. The side one also pushes out through a filter that I might try to find a way to move to the bottom if I can.

    I think this covers any concerns you had about clearance, however if you still think it will be a problem I might skip the third radiator (but I’d prefer not to)
  • magarity
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    You missed the part where I said the distro plate takes the place of one of the 360 rads. You can either have 3x 360 rads with a tube type pump/reservoir or 2x 360 and that distro plate.

    See the pictures: PC-O11D XL - E-ATX ,ATX Full To wer Gaming Computer Case (lian-li.com)

    Partways down, shows 2x 360 and a distro plate. Further down, shows 3x360 with a tube res/pump

  • swsdc

    Here are a few builds for reference:

    The third rad in both of these builds is hidden behind the case on the side mounting spot.

    im actually not sure if the purple one has the 3rd radiator, but it looks like it if you look near the bottom. 

    Anyways this is how I at least know it’s possible. The third rad has to be mounted in the back with all of the cables, and the tubes come out the front.

    Again correct me if I’m wrong, but I should be able to fit the third radiator right?
  • magarity
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    Well I only see two rads on each of those but I guess I have to take your word for it. I don't have that case and I have to go by lianli's website info so good luck to you with whatever modification you experiment with.

    Notice they both took the pictures from the side. The back of the distro plate seen through the front is probably not so good looking.

  • Rs199208

    please! do not buy 2 kits of ddr5 2x16 at 6800 before understanding the difficulties.

    4x16 M die would be much cheaper too, the kits you are looking at are A die. though A die is starting to replace the lower XMP speeds now.

    DDR5 in all 4 dimms are incredibly unstable at higher dram speeds even dual rank kits of 2x32 in only 2 dimm MB which might be the easiest.

    do more research first to establish exactly which XMP speeds are doable or even manual OC speeds on certain MB's with 64GB.

    the best ddr5 overclockers have trouble with 64GB+ even at the lower XMP.

    buildzoid on Actualy Hardware Overclocking is arguably one of the best guys to learn from when attempting something like this with ddr5.

    he recently posted a video getting 4x16 at 6600 using a hynix M die kit to work on a z790.

  • Rs199208

    on the issue of price of 4x16: can get 5200 Hynix M die at $125 each 2x16 kit and OC them to which ever stable speed your components can run stable.

    the cheapest M or A die kits will run any speed your MB and cpu are capable of in 2x32 or 4x16 modes.

    so paying more wont help stability at all...

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