Sold a broken laptop!


Micro Center sold my brother an open-box razer laptop right before the school year started. Less than a week after he got it, it started having issues and crashing. When he finally got back to town where a micro center is, he took it to be looked at, and they said the Graphics card was broken and asked for a thousand dollars to fix it. He bought the computer in September for 2449 dollars and Immediately it started having issues. I guess Micro Center didn't check to see if this computer worked before they sold it or sold it knowing it was about to break to get more money. We have had this laptop for less than 3 months, and it is now unusable. Micro Center has done nothing and just said "on average the cost repair would be over $1000". This is unacceptable for a company to sell a broken laptop, then say it's not covered by warranty less than 3 months later when we try and have it fixed.

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