If I drop off my pc early in the day, could it get repaired the same day? Holiday season Dec 2 or 3

I live 4 hours away from the nearest microcenter and I happen to be in town for probably about 12 hours. My cpu has been overheating. At first I reapplied thermal paste but that didn’t change anything. It would be around 40 C idle and when I booted up valorant at the main menu (not even playing just the main menu) it would shoot up to 80 C. I didn’t know what the problem was and the only tech people close to me was Best Buy so I gave it to them for diagnostics. They said the CPU, motherboard, and GPU looked fine on diagnostics (idk how much I can trust their word but that was the best thing I got). They said the problem was either the thermal paste or the AIO pump (a Lian li galahad pump I had bought from microcenter on July 17th 2021). They removed the previous layer of thermal paste with isopropyl alcohol wipes and reapplied some nicer quality thermal paste but they still saw the same issue. They said something was wrong with the AIO most likely but they also said the pump was working and they could feel the liquid in the pump flowing and trying to offset the heat. They said maybe I could try and buy a new pump and see if that fixes the problem. They also said maybe the wires are faulty or something and that it gave the pump too much power or too little. After listening to all their theories, I brought it home the pc and redid some of the wiring and plugged in the pc but the same issue happen but now I’m stuck in BIOS with my cpu temp being around 75 C. 


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    It all hinges on the workload of the shop that day. I know they will do all they can to try to help you out. Might be a good idea to reach out to the shop you are planning on going to and speaking to a technician that may be able to make a commitment, I know I try to accommodate as many folks as I can.

  • Sumi
    Yeah I called the Duluth store in Georgia and they said if it wasn’t holiday season then they could but since it is the holiday season they are busy and it would take several days. Unfortunate that my computer has to break down at this time of the year. I plan on replacing my AIO and seeing if that fixes it and if it doesn’t then I’m lost. 
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