Where did I go wrong?


I made a reservation Saturday afternoon (11/26/22) for #436501 Ryzen 7 7700X and #513713 Aorus Elite AX Motherboard. #440792 2 - 16TB memory by Gskill.

I received my reservation Saturday afternoon by email. No mention was made of anything being out of stock. I checked stock again before we left Colorado Springs shortlu after 9:00AM Sunday morning.

We arrived at the Denver store shortly after 10:00AM and went to the pickup counter to get my items. The memory wasn't there and the clerk said there wasn't any. He also mentioned there was no credit backorders etc etc since they never know when there might be more arriving.The motherboard and CPU weren't much use and weren't any special deal without the memory so I cancelled the order.

I see the inventory STILL shows a quantity of ONE on the website. Your website says inventory is updated every 10 minutes so where is the memory??

If the memory is indeed out of stock why wasn't I informed that they couldn't complete the reservation?? That would have save me a three hour trip, gas and not to mention the thrill of negotiating I-25 back and forth!

Is there a special procedure necessary when something is FREE? What would have been the correct method of ordering/purchasing in a similar circumstance??

Thanks for your assistance.


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    This RAM promo would be while supplies last. From my understanding, it is not available for reservation and would be first come, first serve in store with a valid purchase. Information on the bundle can be found on this page. https://www.microcenter.com/site/content/bundle-and-save.aspx

    I do not see any sort of RAM listed on the reservation number under your information, just a processor and motherboard, so the email you received stating the items were ready for pickup would have been correct.

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