Please help - Mouse and Keybrd disabled in UEFI BIOS


I can access my UEFI BIOS, but every time - my mouse AND keyboard are both disabled once I enter the UEFI.

Please help me!


  • Scary_Guy

    Do they work normally outside of it? What motherboard are you using?

    I'd try resetting the BIOS (take out the battery or move the reset jumper if it has one) and then see if it works again.

    Are you going through a hub? Try connecting them directly.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I already did the common advice-- Removing the motherboard battery for 45 seconds, and replacing it.

    And yes, now I am fully able to access the UEFI with both mouse and keyboard WORKING.

    However, I have ANOTHER problem.

    Despite having upgraded my ASrock motherboard to the latest firmware, my original factory GPU card (GeForce RTX 30xx) is no longer detected in Windows! I am forced to use the lower-quality motherboard-embedded video port for HDMI.

    I paid a lot for this PC. The GeForce card looks very expensive. It has TWO GIANT FANS that ACTUALLY DO WORK!!! And yet, despite my GPU fans working, the GeForce is STILL not detected in Windows (even when I downloaded the LATEST Nvidia drivers!!)

    I would love any help on this very confusing subject..

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