Colorado springs Opportunities or partners for Tech experts?


I wasn't sure for the most part where this sort of question really fits. So I felt off topic was a good place to check this sort of question.

I'm looking into any kinds of opportunities for Employment from The Colorado Springs Area. Like if there's any options of a Sub outlet for a Micro Center in planning, or if there any other partners that work around that are close, that could use someone who is A+ and Net+ Certified. I've been digging into Sec+ As well for the Minimum for Military employment opportunities too, but I have troubles finishing the Comptia version of the Sec+ certification above the 80% cut line, where I have troubles with memorization at times. I learned from ACI learning for my certifications and passed most things in A+ and Net+ within 2 months and passed the Comptia certifications easily for A+ and Net+ on my first attempts. But with Sec+, I burned through those Comptia vouchers just falling barely short towards reaching that certifications, even as I did make it through the classroom and virtual Lab simulations well enough with a passing grade.

So, I'm looking to take a step back from the security related employment, and want to push more into Hardware and Tech support closer to the regular public, instead of places with High security requirements like a Data center that would provide services for Military or Secure business practice. I want to get involved still with Tech that helps improves people's lives, and help provide the support and understanding for people who need it. So even going back into Retail is something I'm keeping my options open towards too. That's why I'm looking in the direction of places like the Micro Center and similar tech business in the Colorado Springs area, seeing as Denver is a bit outside my travel limits if I want to be able to keep close to family that needs me. But I have no idea who is hiring around me.


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