Does repasting a GPU void the extended Microcenter warranty?


TLDR: If I take apart a GPU to replace the thermal paste and I purchase an extended warranty with Microcenter then is the Microcenter warranty voided?

I am unfortunately discovering that a lot of new GPU's need new thermal paste soon after purchasing. This happened with a Sapphire 6950XT I bought which had a pump out issue within a month. A new RMA card also had a pump out issue withing 2 weeks. I took apart the second card, could visibly see the pump out at the center, repasted with IC Diamond 24 carat and been perfectly fine for several months so far.

I am frustrated that taking apart the GPU voids the manufacturing warranty because they cheap out on the paste. I know there are laws that protect against that but I also don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on lawyers to fight back.

Thanks for any help!

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    Generally at our store it is a manager decision that is case by case. In most cases something like that we would still cover under our replacement plan, even if the manufacturer Warranty does not.

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