Question regarding email advertisements from MicroCenter


Hello, I had been getting the nice colorful emails complete as they came out. With nothing changing in my Outlook 365 the photos and graphics Though I can certainly click the links, I don't understand why this happened. The ads show up great when using the online gmail but not through Outlook 365. I realize this is above and beyond what MicroCenter would support, does anyone know where to look for a setting/configuration in Outlook 365 to have these emails show up correctly? I do recall when I first got an ad that I right-clicked the usual trust selections and added this domain as trusted - and it worked for many weeks then somethinig broke. I am hoping someone has some insight into this. If so, thank you very much ahead of time!


  • Ian


    Are any other emails you receive having similar issues or just ones from Micro Center?

  • denjones

    Hey Ian.... no. I'm fiddling with both Outlook settings and Norton 360 settings now. I am not sure what is causing it but am about ready to just blow my Outlook profile and rebuild it with defaults to see if there was something I may have set incorrectly but can't find it now! Thank you for the response. I'll post when I figure this out.



  • denjones

    Follow up ... found that deleting and creating a new profile does not indeed (as I knew but thought maybe Microsoft had maybe changed something recently) remove any settings - it retains all of your settings and your information regarding mail but wipes away all of your contacts and calendar. Useful to someone somewhere I imagine but not me in this case. Still hunting the magic switch to revert Outlook to start fresh as to allowing a TLD to 'paint' pictures in emails when they're received. More to come.

  • denjones

    Found a partial fix. In Outlook 365 Personal Edition, in File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Privacy Options>Privacy Settings, scroll down to "Connected Experiences" and select "Turn on experiences that download online content" under "Experiences that download online content. Also below that under "All connected experiences", turn on "Turn on all connected experiences" ... not sure why they connect these other than the Microsoft Attorneys wanted to make sure they had data to sell from private users. These selections alone provide "SOME" relief from the problem but not all. Still looking. BTW - one must restart Outlook to "see" the outcome of this setting change. more to come!

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