Looking to reduce the bottleneck for my GPU


I am looking to upgrade my current motherboard and CPU to minimize the bottleneck my GPU is experiencing.

I am currently running an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming mobo with i5-6400 CPU, 64 Gb DDR4 RAM. I would like to keep this as budget friendly as I can as this is used for casual to moderate gaming -- in other words, I do not need top tier parts.

The GPU I plan on installing is a Radeon 6600XT OC. I know the PCIe 3.0 on the Z170 Board is the major bottleneck, but I think virtually any newer board should have the PCIe 4.0. What CPU/Mobo combo would be the best bang for my buck? Bonus points for an ARGB or RGB header. Everything is liquid cooled and I am using an 800W PSUP so cooling and power is not a major concern either.


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