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Written by Sean Mekinda

The Holidays may be here, but there's still plenty of time to pick up gifts for everyone on your list - not just the gamers! Our champions picked out some of their favorite great-for-all gifts, so whether you're looking for a headliner or a stocking stuffer, Micro Center has you covered!

Stocking Stuffers by @w8deywins

“This is like a candy store for me!” is a very popular phrase I hear from my customers. With so many amazing products in one store, it can be hard to pick the perfect present! I have tried my best to narrow it down to three excellent stocking stuffers that are a must-buy for your special someone. Don’t get me wrong, a new keyboard is always a great idea, but if you're looking to spice things up this holiday season, these should be on Santa's list! Know someone who fixes things? Check out an iFixit kit! Do they travel or create mobile content a lot? They would love a portable charger! Are they always complaining about low battery? Grab them a fast charger! All three of my recommendations are stellar options and will make perfect stocking stuffers!

iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit

iFixit is probably one of the most practical products we carry at Micro Center. Thank goodness we do, I picked up a kit before I built my Gaming PC in 2021! Since then, I have found a ton of other uses for it such as tuning up my mountain bike and my action camera gear! The iFixit 64 Bit kit is useful for any job, is compact enough to fit just about anywhere, and built to last years. All important features of a great toolkit!

Mophie Powerstation Plus Wireless Portable Charger

Mophie is a recent addition to the Micro Center selection and lives up to the hype. I bring my Mophie Powerstation Plus Wireless portable charger almost everywhere I go! So far this Mophie has traveled up the mountains with me in Colorado on my ski trip and sneaked its way into my cycling handlebar bag. I have only had a great experience with my Mophie Powerstation and I can easily recommend it to anyone. And hey, you're doing all this shopping, don't you deserve a treat too?

Anker Powerport PD Nano 20W USB-C Wall Charger

Anker’s a go-to brand for reliable power solutions, and they definitely have your back with smartphone chargers. They have a great range of accessories and I personally recommend the Anker PowerPort PD Nano 20W USB-C Wall Charger which comes with a 6ft fast-charging cable! This is my daily home-use charging block and it’s by far my favorite one I've ever owned. This PowerPort is perfect for iPhone users and gives them another spare cable, which is always a good thing to have!

Nextbase 222 Dash Cam by @Lesaol

Finding the perfect gift can be tough during the holiday season, especially when trying to find a great gift for day-to-day tasks. Keyboards, mice, and monitors are all great, but there is one electronic that is regularly overlooked and can save a lot of headache and money: a dash cam. People drive everywhere, whether it's across the country to see families for the holiday or just the daily drive to work. And, in the small chance of a car accident, a dash cam can save friends and family thousands of dollars.

A good option to start with would be the Nextbase 222, an affordable dash cam with great recording options, either 1080p resolution at 30 FPS or 720p at 60fps, as well as an onboard 2.5” HD IPS display. The 222 also features Loop Recording, which will allow the dash cam to continuously record new footage and overwrite older, unneeded video files. Thanks to its built-in G-sensor, the 222 saves video files during an impact and prevents them from being overwritten so that no matter what happens, your important video files will be safe.  

If you are looking for a few more features and higher-quality recording, the Nextbase 422GW is a great step up to ensure you are protected in the case of an accident. It upgrades the resolution for recording to 1440p at 30 fps or 1080p at 60 fps, enables Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so that sharing files to your phone is quick and easy, and even has Alexa Voice controls built into the Dashcam itself!

Both the Nextbase 222 and 422GW are great options for reliable, precise dash cams, and come with all necessary mounting hardware to make installation easy. But if you're not sure which one is right for your needs, stop by your local Micro Center to talk to a representative about all your dash cam options! 

Monster Smart Neon Flex Bendable LED 2m Light Strip by @TreBouncee

Light strips tend to be associated with gamers and PC components, but they're so much more than that. The Monster Smart Neon Flex Bendable LED is a fantastic addition to any room that needs a pop of color, be it a gaming room, bedroom, or even a nice splash of color behind the living room TV! This particular LED strip is 6ft long and, as the name suggests, is bendable, allowing the user to put it virtually anywhere. If you do decide to set up the Monster behind your TV, you're in for a treat thanks to its sound-reactive features. That sound reactivity allows you to sync your lights to music and create an ambiance that makes your setup feel even more alive. The Monster LED strip is unique for its $29.99 price and comes with a feature set commonly associated with high-end light strips, making it a neat gift that many would appreciate this holiday season.

Home Automation Gifts by @Vaganza

In the past year, I have purchased a couple of home automation tools designed to make daily life easier. I have been caring for a sick family member over the past year and these two items were massive game-changers for me. So, I wanted to pass them along as great gift ideas for folks who have been talking about home automation but haven't quite taken the plunge.

Google Nest Thermostat Programmable Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat for Home

The entry-level Nest Thermostat is a perfect place to dip your toes into home automation. It is really easy to install and configure, with simple tools to o set up schedules for the system and make temperature adjustments from anywhere, whether you're upstairs in bed or halfway around the world. It even reports temperature and humidity, so you know exactly how to dial in your temps for the day. This simple upgrade alone has made my house temperature more consistent than it has ever been. This is a great gift idea for less than $100 and will be something you’ll get thanked for over and over again for years to come.

Apple HomePod mini

I have had an Apple cloud infrastructure dating back to the days of iTools before it was known as iCloud. For anyone who has been in the Apple ecosystem for as long as I have will have no issue integrating a HomePod mini into their house. Of course, Apple has only gotten more intuitive and even newcomers to Apple will have a breeze getting a HomePod going. It's an incredibly simple setup and the sound from it is fantastic, filling a medium-sized bedroom quite well. It takes Siri commands well and you can integrate it with any system that is compatible with Apple Home’s automation. Get a few of them and you can fill your house with music in every room from one source and, because it talks directly to your Apple Music account, it does not use data from your phone plan. It also has a great intercom feature that allows you to send messages from one HomePod to another and even fire a quick message from your phone as you are driving home. It's a fantastic addition to any home and is a fantastic way to cut down on shouting between rooms.

Looking for something else, like our Holiday Savings Guide? We've got tons of Holiday Gifts on sale, so stop by your local Micro Center today!

And be sure to keep an eye on the Micro Center Community, as we'll be highlighting even more great holiday gifts and deals all through December!



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