Windows 11 Printer Drivers


Has anyone found a workaround for the Fact that W11 will not support some very functional printers? Specifically, I have an HP Photosmart 8450 printer that runs great on W7, but my HP Envy Laptop with Windows 11 can see the 8450, but will not support it with any drivers....earlier this year Microsoft support helped me place a generic driver on the computer and that worked for a while and now with current Windows updates, even that no longer I have to email items to print, to myself, open them on the other computer which still has W7 and then print.

And Microsoft won't help me unless I pay them $89 or as they suggested...trash my perfectly good photo printer and buy a new one...which I cannot afford.

So any help with a driver or way to get the W11 computer to do more than "see" the HP8450 and actually print to it via a USB connection would be most appreciated!!!


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