Does your Sharonville, OH location offer more than one single sold out FEP release film product?

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I'm sorry, however this question could have easily been conveyed through a quick chat or phone call, neither of which are offered (at least for the Sharonville location) to customers despite having a "chat" button in your support splash page. Anyway, I just wanted to procure the availability along with variation of FEP release film (for 3D resin printers) offered by your store. That's it. See, in your search criteria it says that there is one single product offering, and it's apparently sold out. I just found it hard to believe that a store that sells multiple 3D Printer models and accessories only has one single product offering for the most critical part of an SLA printer's ability to print. If you're still confused as to what part I refer to, it is the tight clear plastic release film that serves as a barrier between the resin and the UV screen on a SLA Resin 3D Printer.

If anyone sees this in a respectable time before Christmas 2022 please respond/email and let me know if what I found is correct or if there happens to be more than one sold out FEP film product offering at your Sharonville location. 

Edit: Microcenter I'd much rather give you my money before I give it to Amazon any day of the week but your making it hard for me lol.

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  • heatgap
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    Yikes. Thanks for your quick response and sincere honesty. I love a company that doesn't fart around the truth. Sheesh , I wish they had more to offer in the realm of SLA accessories. No worries though, it is what it is. Again, thanks a ton for the quick response.

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    The website is the best place to look, if you call the store it'll just be a service tech looking at the same website.

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