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I have a powerspec computer about 6 years old with windows 10 pro. I want to reset back to original to erase what is on it. How can I do this. I don;t have the Windows disk or the product id to reactivate windows. It is currently activated.


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    You can press and hold the shift key and restart the computer, it will take you to a screen that will allow you to reload the computer that way, or you can do a Google search for "Windows Media Creation Tool" it will take you to a site where you can download and create the installer for Windows 10 and reload it with that, activation will not be an issue and a code will not be needed. Then just download the drivers from PowerSpec's website

  • Thank you for your help it worked perfectly. I was just nervous that would have to buy a new copy of windows because I had no disk and no activation numbers. It’s all on the computer.

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    We flash your license key into the firmware when the system is built. If you were to do a clean install of Windows, it won't ask you for a key. It'll auto detect your OS version during the install and skip that entire portion. It'll activate automatically once you get online.

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