Why won’t my pc allow me to connect to WiFi?

I recently had a pc built by Micro Center for my son for Christmas. I set up the computer and booted it up but when I attempted to connect to my home network, the Wi-Fi option was unavailable and was only allowed to connect via Ethernet. I received an ASUS Wi-Fi antenna with the PC and connected it but got no results.


  • Ian


    I'm going to guess the wi-fi drivers may not be installed if the computer was initially set up by Ethernet cable. What brand model of motherboard is it for?

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    Needs a driver. If you're installing Windows Pro 22H2, or Home 21H2 it requires a network to setup. Two options

    Audit Mode: Press Control+Shift+F3. Install the driver, press "OK" in the sysprep box.

    BypassNRO: Shift + F10

    cd oobe


    System will reboot and you'll have the offline setup option.

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