is it just me or did micro centre decide to go down the newegg rabbit hole even worse?


i decided to check the gpu pages, and the cpu pages but only found out that 3 gpus and 2 cpus are now eligible for shipping. and all 3 gpus are 3080's and the two cpus are the amd compatible variant's for said gpus. i highly doubt that the micro center fulfillment center's are filled to the brim with only hardware that specifically supports the nvidia 3080 gpus. like at this moment all amd hardware excluding that one cpu, all intel cpus, ram, hdd's, ssd's nvme drives etc. are only available for instore pickup about two hundred miles from me. id love to hear what intell and amd have to say about a company contracted to sell their hardware refusing to ship said hardware. ive seen the contracts too. even amd has one with micro centre to guarantee the online availability of their merchandise. nvidia i already know about saying to no-longer stock anything online except their latest, so that no-longer surprises me. what surprises me is that this company is willing to potentially end up with at least 2 different lawsuits on their hands for breach of contract.


  • JS_MC

    Hello @randogaming, and welcome to the community!

    Glad to hear of your interest in shopping at Micro Center! Perhaps you've not been able to visit one of our stores due to the distance you've mentioned in your post. However, we are predominately a brick-and-mortar retailer. By that, I mean that the vast majority of our business is done in person in our stores. We do have a few shipping warehouses, however, our stores are not equipped to ship items for online orders. Even so, we do our best to make as many products as we're able to available for shipping orders!

    If you're shopping for a shippable item on, please be sure that you've selected "Shippable Items" as your store on the top of the page.

    Items that are shown to "Usually ship in X-X days" are available for shipment.

    Also, another shipping option that we have available for you, we do use amazon to facilitate a range of items as well.

    I hope this clarifies things for you! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!


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