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Howdy everyone! Recently I purchased my first gaming PC, a ROG STRIX G10CE_G10CE (I think, that's what it says in my settings at least). It runs great and I've been using a pair of Turtle Beach headphones for audio. However, while the output works fine, for whatever reason the device doesn't recognize the headphones microphone at all as it doesn't show up in my settings. This hasn't been a problem I've experienced with these headphones on other devices I own and the same issue continues when I use a different pair. While trying to fix this I discovered an audio menu for my PC, I included pictures below. I've been using the front audio jack and replaced the headphones section and chose "Mic In" which made the microphone work but the headphones stopped picking up audio.

I'm fairly new to PCs like this and I probably just need to do something in that audio menu, but if anyone could help me figure out how to be able to use both the headphone and microphone I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you!


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    I recommend updating all your drivers for you audio card, graphics card and flashing the bios in that order. If none of those work, you should take your computer into your nearest Micro Center for Diagnosis so we can actually see if it's something we can fix.

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