Will Micro Center build custom PCs for a small business?


I am a systems administrator for a small business in need of new desktop workstations for our development and database teams. We will need a total of 12 identical systems and would prefer to pick our own parts. Ideally, I would like MC to assemble them so that we can also purchase 3-year protection on each one and not rely on individual warranties.

Is this something that MC offers through their custom build service? I have received mixed answers. I also tried calling the MC business phone number and sending an email to mcbs@microcenter.com, but I haven't heard anything.

Hoping someone here can answer - thanks!


  • Ian


    I would say this would really be up to availability of the specific store, we do offer build services like this in-store, but typically it is intended for one PC build at a time. I'd suggest to drop by your nearest store and work with them directly to see what options they would be able to offer at this time.

  • Vaganza
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    Where are you located? I know we can certainly handle that in Sharonville.

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