inland kb21 software


hi, does anybody have or know where i can find the inland kb21 software that is advertised in the manual? i looked at the pcb and used the microchip code and found another product called the nx-19 which the software did work but im unable to change the top row of keys. does anybody have the official inland software for it?


  • Ian


    I checked with our Inland product team about this, they stated they were not aware of any sort of software for this item.

  • MarkED_Man

    Hi! I was told by my sales guy that there was "definitely" software that would create macros, etc., to streamline my workflow; I am currently searching for their putative software. If I find none, well, there will be calls made!.

  • dosmanos

    I was told the same thing in store. Asked if the keys could be remapped and they told me I could. It was one of the reasons I went with the Inland

  • tristar

    Any solution for this yet? Mine just arrived and will be returning if not.

  • jekrump

    Hey friends! A lot late to the party, but I just got into Mechanical stuff and I had the same need to modify this little keypad.

    I had to make an account here to post this, since my account is of course brand new I'm not allowed to post links. So simply copy/paste the below links, but remove the SPACE that I've put before the ".com" in all the links.(HAHA!! I can paste the links With a space so they aren't recognized as links, then simply remove the space myself so you guys can just highlight, right click and google them or whatever) Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Long story short, there is NOT any official software for this numpad. However, someone on reddit figured out that the circuit boards/chips or whatever on this board are identical to another numpad made by another Chinese company named "Next Time". The specific model is the "NT19". They do indeed have software for their numpad, and it DOES work for the KB21. ANOTHER However…. Their NT19 does not have the Topmost row that we have on the KB21, so we can only remap keys not on the topmost row.

    I did dig through some files that their software installed and it appears to have relevant JSON/XML or whatever files so someone smarter than I can likely figure out a way to modify the file that gets pushed to the numpad so that the top 4 keys can be remapped, but I can't figure it out.

    I used the software to change the "Numlock" key into a shift key so I could Shift Enter and Shift Tab around spreadsheets. I pushed the change to the numpad and then uninstalled the software, just in case. 🤷‍♂️

    Here's the direct link to the shady looking/very much Engrish software download page:

    If you're wary of my almost direct download link, here's the Link to their NT19 Product Page, you can click on "Downloads" Ctrl F "Next Time" click the row, then click on the next one, then the NT19 to end up at the first link I've pasted.

    Here's the relevant reddit comment thread that lead me down this rabbithole:

    Hope this works for you and anyone that comes here after!

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