Online Order "pickup slip" Suggestion


The current "order confirmation is 3 pages long. You ask that we print it out and bring it into the store for Online Order pickup.

It seems all they need is your last name, and many a list of what you ordered. It seems that 3 pages (and in my case I had several online orders at one time) way too much paper to print out.

Can you create a one page PICKUP-SLIP to minimize printing paper unnecessarily.



  • The past several months I have been ordering online to pick in 18 mintes.

    First, the orders are ready within hours, not minutes. Can you change that estimate and only emphasis to wait for the email.

    Second, the wait for Online Order Pickup is pretty slow. I can see my order on the counter behind the Cashier but I still have to wait 30+ minutes to get it.

    Why not use a pickup cubbyhole where online order customers can check and if it's ready, take it to the cash register to check out.

    That might be faster. Although lately the in-store checkout lines are also 30 minutes wait. Just a Suggestion.


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