Buffalo Link Station LS210D, 8.0 TB - need help in setup



I purchased a Buffalo Link Station LS210D, 8.0 TB yesterday, Jan 11, 2023 at the Micro Center in Sharonville, OH. It came with a DVD and a Quick Setup Gude. Of note is this Qucik Setup guide says its for LS220/LS220DR Series and this pamphlet wa inside the LS210D box.

The paphlet how to connect in cartoon fashion,that is, no words.

Step 1 - Connect LS200D to LAN wired router port, Step 2 - power up LS200D with provided power supply, Step 3 - Power up LS220D by sliding the power switch and wait 4 minutes, Step 4 - Internet to laptop comes from Wifi, but use Cat 5 cable to connect Laptop to router port and Link Station to another router port.

Note: I have an eero Pro connected to my Cable Modem (internet) by Cat 5, and the output Cat 5 eero Pro connects to the legrand 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch. In step 4 I use Cat 5 to get to the legrand 8-port Ethernet switch.

I followed the Quick Setuip Guide to the best I could but Its very confusing.

Bottom line, I am lost!

Would anyone get me pointed in the right direction with a posted You Tube or some other way? I really looked forward to this product and I'd rather not return it.




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