Any plans for new store locations in Central Texas(Austin)?


With the closing of Fry's electronics the only real electronics retailers in Texas are the Apple store and Best Buy. Both are great but do not offer any real D.I.Y., Maker/STEM or electronics parts in the central Austin area. Our options are limited to online shopping, used parts or repair stores. A location in the Central Texas area which has a huge technology following, would be a great investment for Micro Center. The Dallas and Houston locations are great but a three hour drive is just a little to far for a brick and mortar store. Please forward this request on to Corporate.


  • Ian


    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! Thank you for providing us a location you think a Micro Center would be great at! I sadly don't have the pay-grade to make the decision of opening up a location but I will send your suggestion over to the proper teams for consideration! 

  • Wheels

    YES, Anywhere right along I-35 near Austin you would get customers from south of Waco all the way down to San Antonio! It's a huge population center.

  • lckaley

    If anyone looks at this I'll add my voice to a central TX location. Austin in becoming a tech hub with so many engineers, software and hardware companies etc, heck Dell's giant campus is in Round Rock just north of Austin. Tesla just opened their giga factory.

  • britt9977

    I too would like a store near Austin. Georgetown, Cedar Park, or Leander would work too, but , somewhere in the North Austin metro.

  • Ian

    Great to see the support! I'm not aware of any plans at this time but I'll be glad to share this with our real estate team.

  • Adding my voice to this. How can you not have a Micro Center in Austin/Central TX ?? Is the capital of the state, "Silicon Hills" and all that. Fry's is gone, Circuit City is gone, what are they waiting for? I'm not driving to Houston or Dallas for this. Yeah, sure, can order online, etc., but with computer and networking things oftentimes I want/need something 'now', today, after work, before tomorrow, etc., and I need to be able to go in person and look and or swap if I got the wrong thing.

  • Starman2164
    edited October 2023

    I work for a small IT business and can confirm that it would be extremely convenient to have a storefront in the Austin area. Having a large network equipment and PC component vendor in the area would be tremendously helpful. Personally, I would also greatly enjoy the presence of a micro center in Austin, as I am somewhat of a gaming hardware enthusiast. Here's to making Microcenter Austin a reality!

  • corgiman

    +1 on Microcenter to Austin.

  • Enkur

    Yes we need one anywhere in the Austin area... preferably north Austin ;)

    Ever since Frys shutdown its a pain to buy PC parts online in the middle of a build or a problem situation.

    Nearest Microcenter is 3 hours in either direction... need one in Central Texas that is becoming heart of Technology.

  • I would literally travel to this store just for fun and I know there's a lot of talk of opening new Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla offices in the area... so there's still a tech boom happening in Austin. Last one I visited was in Denver and I bough sooo much stuff. I was only limited by my luggage weight T.T

    I would love it if you built on in south Austin! The north already has too much stuff and traffic is horrible.

  • schizm
    schizm ✭✭
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    Micro Center could easily get commitment from local tech companies to use you for hardware needs. There are so many tech workers, gamers, and just folks in need of PCs and parts.

    Feels like a no-brainer to me!

  • Jingle_Stic

    I believe it is a big miss upon Micro Center's part to not have a location in central Texas like austin. With Samsung, Intel, IBM, Freescale, Oracle, Tesla, Google, Dell, and a ton of other semiconductor, Technology related industries in this area. Basically the person making the decision, Tell us you never been to Texas with out telling us you been to Texas. Great there is one in dallas and in Houston but those are like2 states away in other parts of the country. its a 3hr + drive to those.

    You would be exposed to millions of people in this area and a majority are Technolgy elightened folks.

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