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I'm building an office pc for my dad. He wants something fast and he's only going to be doing simple office tasks like check emails, spreadsheets, save a lot of files and I know he watches youtube while at work. I just want to make sure that everything is compatible, will run smoothly and there will be no problems with building it. Can anyone let me know if they see any issues? Also, will he be able to have different tabs open on different monitors with an hdmi splitter? Thank you.


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    From what I can tell there isn't any major issue. Two minor ones that you might want to consider are: your CPU does not come with a cooler you will need an aftermarket one, and your motherboard doesn't come pre-equipped with WiFi so this computer can only run LAN/Ethernet. As for HDMI splitter into two monitors/screens, I have no experience and cannot answer that.

    However, some personal advice. You need to consider if an i7 is overkill or necessary. (I don't know the exact situation so I won't comment too much) Microcenter is also currently hosting a deal for $50 Asus Motherboards on the Z690 when you buy an Intel Gen12 Cpu so do consider that if it is possible. For your system storage, I highly recommend spending an extra 20-50 dollars for a 2TB SSD (I know Crucial ones go for around $120 for 2TB). The extremely fast read and write speed of NVMe SSDs seems super important for the task your Dad does, TLDR you can load and save files soo much faster and it's extremely important if it is a large file. For the power supply, I don't recognize that brand, I think it is Microcenter's self-branded PSU (I might be wrong) but I think you can pick up a similar wattage and rating of an in-name brand (EVGA, ASUS, Corsair, etc...) elsewhere for around the same price, and frankly, that might be a safer bet as your power supply is the most integral part of your computer. One last recommendation I'd give is to get a dedicated GPU. Even if it is the bottom of the barrel such as an Nvidia 1030 just as a display out it would be much better than your integrated graphics while also stopping it from hogging resources from your CPU.

    That's all, sorry if it ended up a little bit longwinded, and hopefully, it will help you make a more informed decision. I'll check by later today if you have any follow-up questions. :)

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    The i5 12400 costs half the price and works perfectly for what you've described. Notice the 12700K you've selected is careful to tell you "heatsink not included". This means you'll need to buy one. It also is a strong hint that the 12700 is a very powerful processor. Way more than office tasks and youtube. So either select a cooler in the $50-$75 range or go with the 12400 which comes with a heatsink.

    That motherboard comes with one HDMI and one DisplayPort video output. So for two monitors you just need one of each. Most new monitors can take either (check the details before buying them just to make sure).

    Are you going to be putting these parts in a case that you already have?

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    For your HDMI splitter question, the HDMI splitter will only duplicate the same visual for two monitors. If you want to extend the screen you have to use 2 ports. For instance 1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort.

    I do not see any issues with the build above. We also sell PowerSpec's that are fully customizable. One similar would be the PowerSpec B685

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