Motherboard coil whine driving me nuts


just before xmas i purchased 7700x (with free ram), mobo, cooler and 4080 to upgrade my pc and give my kid my 5800x/rtx3080 as his upgrade..... bla bla bla, you get the picture.

I have cosair 850 power supply but forgot i needed one to upgrade his (wife had me in a rush), so i ordered one from evga b stock. they took 6 years to ship because of the holidays. finally psu shipped on the 5th of jan. meanwhile, i cant eliminate psu being the cause of the whine because i cant put a 500watt psu in with these specs. so psu came, booted, heard whine and POOOOFFFFFFF (10 seconds total) went the POS evga psu. nothing but clicks. run to bestbuy and luckily they had one psu left, corsair 1000watt. so now ive narrowed it down to the board. ive stopped all fans, ive swapped gpu, swapped psu, ive unplugged everything i could trying to narrow it down and it appears its the gigabyte b650m DS3H. contacted gigabyte couple days ago and have no heard back.

oh and also, the board/(free)ram combo kept having issues booting with xmp or whatever its now called enabled but the latest bios fixed that, so i was happy with that result. i was hoping a bios update would help the coil whine but nope. OH OH OH, all this and i almost forgot, this is not coil whine when using the system off idle, THIS IS coil whine 24/7. if the power is on its whining a very high pitch whining.

i dont care to return the board, i care to replace it with a different brand. if i can swap it GREAT. if i cant swap it, oh freaking well. cant live with this and amazon would probably have the best return policy for my situation. i prefer asrock boards so this is what i get for going the lowest cost route. shame on me

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