Dear Microcenter... I've had enough of you..


Dear Microcenter... Listen bud I just went to your store to pick up a 4090 From San Antonio 215 MILES TOTAL plus tolls to get to your Houston store. I FEEL IN LOVE WITH MICRO you need to build a microcenter between Austin and San Antonio or San Antonio or Austin. or somewhere in between. You guys are better than Allex who is trying to charge me 1999.99 for a 4090 and you guys Do not over price. I AM A NERD I WANT MICROCENTER IN SAN ANTONIO WE DESERVE A MICROCENTER IN SAN ANTONIO NOW!... or between Austin and San Antonio! SO both cities can LOVE having a microcenter I PROMISE YOU we do not like alltex like San Antonio because they over charge there is almost nobody at alltex locations because they DON'T carry everything and over charge. you guys DON'T and have FAST service. so come to Austin and San Antonio and you will have people coming from Brownsville Laredo etc. to visit your stores and del Rio Uvalde etc Victoria etc. so PLEASE BUILD!!!!! .. so what made me want you guys to build here is the fact that you guys HAD 1 4090 in stock left and even though you are NOT supposed to hold the cards one of your members Held it and took it OFF inventory for i was still 100 miles away. he said i got you. And there it was in my hands after a credit card transaction.


  • Kongo

    I have two Microcenters around me in Atlanta area. I have been refreshing their graphics card inventory online looking for a 4090 update for a week now (literally about every waking hour). I saw once in the morning around 10:00 am, I think on a Wednesday, that 6 Gigabyte 4090 Gaming OCs showed up. I debated leaving work and coming back, but I decided to wait. They were gone by 1:00 pm! The real gut punch was as I was looking on OfferUp for one I saw a fresh post for a 4090 Gaming OC that was sitting on the hood of a car in the Microcenter parking lot. I salute you for risking such a journey and I am happy it paid off for you!

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