First Visit to Micro Center


I grew up in Upper Arlington Ohio. This is a suburb of Columbus. The first visit I made to a Micro Center was in the late 1970's or early 1980's. The first store opened down the street from my childhood home. The store was unlike any other store I had ever been into up until that time. The closest store to Micro Center was maybe a Radio Shack. There was a Radio Shack very close to the Micro Center on Lane Avenue. Some of the things I remember about the store was the escalator, huge selection, and incredible prices. The first Micro Center was actually in a converted department store. My first purchase at Micro Center was a stack of 5 1/4 generic floppy discs. I think they were like $0.15 each.

A few thigs that amaze me about Micro Center is how they have survived. There are many similar stores that have failed. CompUSA, Radio Shack, and may other smaller computer shops. The internet has destroyed most retail. I think the thing that keeps them in business is the incredible selection, good prices/price matching, good stock, great return policies, and outstanding knowledgeable employees. I think Micro Center has kept to their principles since they opened better than just about any retail store I can think of. The growth of Micro Center has been slow and steady for over 40 years. It's incredible.

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