Customer Service exist any more with MicoCenter; in-store support has been trash. Corporate # ????


Been searching for a long while how to contact customer service.  Now trying to contact customer support is abslutely mind boggling how difficult it is to contact a corporate representative. 

-----  One of my items purchased, a laptop, has a bad rattling noise insude suddenly.... I am 400 miles from the nearest store, I need some person at the corporate level to discuss this matter with me. It is a vital part of my businees using the laptop.  I did purchase an in store extended warranty....  VITAL ISSUE. 

CHAT is not working through my corporate firewalls. Phone service is non existent, cant even get a legit email to start addressing these matters.... 

Horrible recent experience purchasing over $3,000 in equipment in a store a few weeks ago. Horrible experience trying to contact MicroCenter to speak with someone about the issues of that store. I had to go through return corrections 3 times for the Manager of all people to get my abundance of items to ring up correctly. Cost me 2 hrs of time 

Been a customer a long time and held Microcenter in high regard, but the experiences of the past 2 months is making me question my view now.  

I was even upset with the upell of the warranty, when Lenovo offers the same at a much better price.  

I was given wrong phone purchased in store.  

Manager correcting the phone issue, charged me more for the phone the 2nd time when it was on sale... had to get difference paid.

I was given a MS Office card supposed ot be 1yr + 3 months with my qualifying purchases... customer desk ended up giving a 1yr only card purchased

 Recieved a broken monitor that had to be returned

3 Associates took an hour to find one item shown in stock in abundance.  


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    Looking into this I do see you reached us via email about the same time via this post and your concerns and information about your transaction were sent over within an hour or so to the store to be reviewed by management.

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