Typical temps for ryzen 9 7950x build idle: ~60c jumps to ~80c productivity usage


Hey all! Just completed a new build since 2016 and jumped back to AMD and wanted to go all out. I expected it to run warmer but I wanted to check temps because it seems higher than typical. (I'm waiting out for the 7900 XTX to get closer to MSRP pricing so excuse the old GTX 1080 - Actually had ordered an EVGA 3090 but it failed within 30 days)

Included part list here https://pcpartpicker.com/user/delauraen/saved/#view=yQKH3C but including below - fans running on balanced profiles in icue, no OC just 'normal' profile in bios. I prefer more stability over maximum performance esp since my room runs hot.

  • Ryzen 9 7950x
  • ASUS TUF x670e plus
  • Corsair H100i 360mm mounted top exhaust
  • 3x corsair 120mm LL120 fans mounted front intake

All temps below are CPU package (unless otherwise specified) coolant temps relatively the same throughout all loads. (using hwmonitor and icue dashboard for temps)

  • On boot in bios CPU package is ~55c Coolant ~33c with ambient room temp ~25c
  • Running basic browser/media consumption (youtube video + webpages, discord) temps jump to ~80c and settle around ~70c
  • Launch a game like Valorant on medium ish settings cpu temps around ~70c-80c, coolant ~35c
  • Launch a game like Red dead redemption 2 on highest and im pushing ~90c-100c , coolant ~37c

I guess I want to check and see if this sounds right, It's definitely been a few years since I built a PC but I've done my own maintenance for years but haven't really had much experience in the AMD realm since ~2013 during the FX 6350 era. I've reseated the cpu cooler once making sure thermal paste looks even and check all fans/dust filters and airflow seems fine, I know I can fit another set of 3 fans on the side panel but it seems..... a bit much?


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    So they claim that that CPU is designed to be able to run at 95 24x7 if needed, And I know personally I have seen that one run typically hotter than many of the others. I can't say for certain if this is typical though.

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    Doesn't seem abnormal to me with that CPU. With AM5 they increased the socket power limit from 142W on AM4, to 230W. Stock TDP is 170W, expect it to draw 200W under a heavy load. Playing at a higher resolution will drop the temps. Lower FPS is less work for the CPU.

    Basically this applies to Intel and AMD. Modern CPU's are designed to push performance as far as possible, with either TVB for Intel or PBO for AMD. On the 5950X as an example, we used to hit the socket power limit before we hit a thermal limit. So you would often see higher overall temps on a 5800X than 5950X because of this. 16 cores would eat up that 142W socket power limit pretty quickly. And you would hit a power wall, before you hit a thermal wall. Now with our 230W limit, that isn't as much of an issue. If the demand is there, it's designed to at the limit, it will sit on 95C and boost the cores as high as it can.

    On modern processors, don't think of overheating as hitting the tjMax. Overheating is being at the tjMax and being below the base clock speed.

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