Antenna Wifi Adapters Cause my PC to slow down especially in the middle of a game, any advice?

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edited January 2023 in Networking & Security

So I've had my PC for 4 years now, and over the past year/year and a half, I have always needed to move the WIFI adapters around to get a better connection when running games and just talking to others through Discord and such. Due to me moving them a bunch they continue to loosen until I tighten them again. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I have no ideas on what to do because I bought the PC prebuilt and have no idea on the first things to do, except for the basic things, its just really nerve racking messing with it. Its getting really complicated to play competitive games. I have thought about external boosters, but I once again have no idea where to start there. Finally kind of a separate question, any tips on what or how to clean out a PC of dust? Thankyou for any suggestions and help.


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