Advanced Search of order history is absolutely terrible. Please Fix.


Why did you all change the way advanced search works on your website? The change is beyond terrible and makes for an EXTREMELY hostile user experience. I can't change any part of the date without getting a warning telling me to keep the date within one year, and then it forces the date to change. This happens on EVERY field. Month, Day, Year. For both start and end date. In the past I was able to search 5 years of transactions effortlessly. Now, I have spent upwards of 20 minutes trying to find the right order and another 10 minutes logging into this site to leave this complaint.

Here are some recommendations for you, any of which will resolve the issue for me:

  1. Revert the change. I understand if this isn't able to happen for whatever cost-savings reason. I will let you know it has cost your company money, from me at least, as I've been unable to easily refer to my previous order history to find compatible items on the fly.
  2. If reverting the change is not able to happen, how about you change the advanced search to only verify the date upon hitting the 'search' button? Do you understand how frustrating it is to have the system automatically replace the date you're trying to type? On every field?
  3. The fact the modal/pop-up message CANNOT be dismissed by a keyboard button is also creating a hostile user experience.
  4. The fact the text field for entering searchable text is nowhere near the option for entering the date range is also a pretty terrible design choice.
  5. Also even after I enter one successful date range in the field, I am then immediately plagued by the date pop-up telling me I can't change the date or it must be within one year and suddenly my end date ranges are changed.

Maybe this is all my fault for using Edge as a browser, but if the design choices from leadership with the website are indicative of the future choices that will be made in general about the leadership of the company, I'm already mourning the loss.


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