Can' sign in to account with password.


Hi, I can't ever seem to get into my Microcenter account without getting an email link. My email/phone number is correct but it says it is not recognized. Any solutions for this?


  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @BillBrasky

    Thank you for contacting micro center. So to make sure i understand this correctly, once you do the password reset on the account you can get in to the account once you reset it but then the next day if you try to sign in the password you just reset does not work?

  • Even after I reset the password, I still have to use the emailed link to sign in immediately. It must not be a common thing. I'll just try and leave it signed in and won't clear the cookies religiously. It's not the end of the world just a bit annoying.

  • TSKevinG

    If this continues to be an issue please let us know as we can try to get some information on the account and have our someone take a look to see if there is any issues with the account itself

  • BillBrasky
    edited February 2023

    Cool, thanks for the follow up! To be more specific since I just tried to change my settings it says my email/password is invalid. Might not be an issue with the password.

  • V3DT
    V3DT ✭✭
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    edited August 2023

    This is happening to me also, I had an account for a while now but haven't signed in for likely close to a year. I went to sign in & it says "The email or mobile phone entered is invalid.", so I checked my email & confirmed it was the right email. So I pressed forgot password, got the email, reset the password & it kept me logged in, shows my info & purchase history, then I signed out to test the new password & I get the same error, email or phone number invalid...

    I can sign in with the one time sign in but it won't work using the password I set & it doesn't say the password is invalid it says "The email or mobile phone entered is invalid.", but it's not..

  • BillBrasky
    I have had success using my mobile number with a password though, you might want to try that out? Otherwise you'll have to contact support to check everything on their end.  
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