Star Wars Jedi: Survivor code


I just purchased a Ryzen bundle of 7700x, Motherboard, and Ram from Micro Center this Friday (Jan 20). I see now a few days later that the processor is coming with a code for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (as of Jan 24). I spoke to chat this morning whether they would be able to issue me a code since I am still within the return / pricematch timeframe for this order, but they told me that chat couldn't do anything for me.

I wanted to verify here that there was nothing that could be done to issue a code from a purchase made just a few days ago, that is still within the return / price match timeframe. If it definitely isn't possible through here, would it be possible to do a return / repurchase in store to get the code issued? I would call the store and ask, but there is no number and over an hour of driving for a maybe could just be a waste of time.

Any insight or recommendations would be extremely appreciated.

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