Inland 240gb ssd failure


I have a Mac Pro 5,1 and used this drive as the main for a few years now running Catalina. Yesterday I woke up and the drive is no

longer accessible and shows up as SATAFIRM S11 in disk utility. I found out this is related to the firmware rewriting and now the data

is difficult to recover. Thankfully I did a back up of files somewhat recently, but stupidly I did lose some critical data from of a lack of diligence.

I read that this is a common issue with Kingston drives and there is a utility that can fix it in some cases.

Is there a way to flash the firmware on these drives? Thank you for any help!


  • Ian


    I am sorry, there is not a way to flash firmware on these devices. If the item does not seem to be working, any sort of warranty claims for Inland items are handled directly at the Micro Center stores. No appointment needed to visit the store during store business hours to work with our store directly in regards to processing a warranty claim.

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