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Hello, my name is Eric and I am disabled because of current mental health issues. I am looking to purchase an expensive new computer in the future, and I was hoping to get it from Microcenter. I have a few hurdles to get over in order to purchase it though

  1. I have to make a selection and get an invoice from the store
  2. The invoice will go to my payee in which they will approve the purchase provided I have enough funds.
  3. The store will need to take a check for the easiest route as my payee would not allow debit/credit card. My payee did have a plan to do cash as well but the check would be the better option.
  4. As I do not own a car, I would have to rely on uber (financially costly), my father (he is aging and has a serious but manageable disease), public transportation (physically taxing since I am not as young as I used to be and am lacking virility, but I could probably make it work) to take me there.
  5. I would meet my case manager at microcenter and a service employee would need to help me find the parts in which I plan to purchase and to have the store build the computer for me.
  6. An employee would need to get a supervisor/manager to make an invoice which would include, cost of the parts, service labor for building the computer and taxes and any other fees.
  7. My case manager would have to have the invoice taken to my payee to approve and write out the check.
  8. The case manager would bring the check back to the store and pay for the computer, where I presume the parts would then be picked out and assembled.
  9. I would then have to have the computer delivered to my house, as I do not wish to carry something so expensive on an average uber ride or the bus.

Some questions, thoughts for the community.

  1. What mode of transportation would you suggest I use that could be easiest on me physically and less of an impact on my wallet?
  2. My case manager probably wouldn't want to carry my computer in her car as that could be too expensive of an item to "risk" for various reasons.
  3. Is there a delivery service that microcenter could offer or suggest that they would work with to have it delivered to my home in a safe and timely manner?
  4. This might be a bit of a lengthy process but it's taken me a year to put together this information and even then there were difficulties putting it together. I've had 3-4 payees and they change every 3-4 months in the past year.
  5. Is there anyone I can contact at the columbus ohio microcenter that's willing to an ongoing conversation with me until I get sorted until I see this through?
  6. If there is someone, would they be willing to talk with my case manager and payee to "give introductions", nod heads/shake hands and really start to get this plan into action?
  7. I'm looking to spend $3000.00+ on a new computer and I just want to make sure this all comes to fruition. I love computers but I don't get that much money from disability so I don't want to make any mistakes. I'm looking to do some work on it in the future and possibly go to college so longevity is key.
  8. Would microcenter and the community be willing to help this gentleman out?

If you've read this far and you've read everything, thank you. If you've answered all my questions and have any other suggestions, then I can't thank you enough.

Have a blessed day I look forward to your e-plies. :)


  • Rayy_Goss

    Hi Zeond,

    I see no one has given you a response yet so I can see how much I can help, although I am from the Queens Microcenter in New York so ultimately you'll have to get in touch with one of the associates in the build your own department at the Ohio location to further see your goals met.

    1. As far as transportation goes, I really can only recommend and uber, or lyft, outside of family or assistants, that would be the most cost effective and safe route for you. However going into question 2,
    2. the PC itself can be packaged properly by the store to support transportation by your 'Case manager'. After a build is complete the boxes still remain, it can be reboxed and safely stored in your vehicle of choice
    3. We do not offer delivery services for pc builds unfortunately, and Im not sure of any services that would provide said services outside of potential local ones.
    4. When ever you're ready to build, Microcenter is available to assist you. Just keep in mind that prices and availability can change over the course of a few months so its best to keep tabs on the products you're looking for.
    5. By just calling up the Ohio location, they can direct you to the BYO department to give you support with the Associates their to help you price out your Build quote :)
    6. All of Micro Centers here to help. just have them stop by and let us know what you're tryna get done and we can work from there
    7. $3000 is a nice price bracket for a build that'll last years to come. Depending on what you're using it for, that should also cover protection, the build fee, and antivirus software for the build
    8. If you have more question's you can email me at :) I hope you fulfill your pc building Goals

    Happy New Year!

    Ray G

  • Vladdy
    Vladdy ✭✭✭
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    We also offer pre-builts by Micro Center. They are under the PowerSpec brand. Here is an example of one:

    These are fully customizable and you can always build off of this as well.

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