Please help - Computer usb connections not working properly.

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So far, I have spent well over 18 hours trying to personally diagnose the issue. The major factor and issue is that I have no idea what caused this to start occurring in the first place, I only have a collection of symptoms.

Problem: Any and all connections into my motherboard seem to be malfunctioning. The main perpetrators of this are my mouse and keyboard, however my speakers, Bluetooth adapter, and other USB inputs do as well. I have a sneaking suspicion my internet rabbit-ears may be as well, but I do not know how to go about testing that one.

Symptoms: The easiest to describe are going to be the mouse and keyboard. The mouse is a Red Dragon - Griffin M602AW-RGB, and is visibly disconnecting and reconnecting every few seconds, causing mouse lag on screen. My keyboard is a TUF Gaming K1 - RA04 and it appears to be disconnecting and reconnecting as well, resulting in a "sticky key" effect (E.G. I try to type hello and get this: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh or press backspace/space/enter and they appear to be stuck) . My speakers also disconnect and reconnect, resulting in loss of sound during videos/streams.

Length of time: Since first noted symptom ~3 days


OS: Windows 10 home

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor

RAM: 48 GB (2x Corsair Vengeance RGB 16GB and 2x XPG Gammix 8GB)

Cooling: Corsair Hydro series H100i RGB Platinum 240mm Liquid CPU

Power: Gamdias Kratos P1-650G 80 Plus Gold

Motherboard: Gigabyte B550 UD AC

GPU: Gigabyte 3060ti

Troubleshooting attempted so far (no success yet):

Restarted computer (multiple times, even shutting down and unplugging for a bit before restarting)

Disconnected and reconnected all inputs

Tried other monitors and working mice/keyboards/speakers (resulted in the same issue, with no occurrences of the issue on another working computer)

Windows Troubleshooter - no errors found

Scan for viruses and malware - no viruses or malware

Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers for all relevant components (mice/keyboard/etc.)

Downloaded and installed drivers from source companies to ensure correct/up-to-date drivers (Corsair, Asus, etc.)

Ensured selective suspend setting is disabled

Ensured proper connections to and from motherboard by disconnecting and reconnecting relevant connections (RAM, GPU, SATA, etc.)

Disconnected all external connections, started computer, reconnected them

Tested internet speed/ran internet troubleshooting from both computer and router

Tested HDMI ports by connecting to separate computer, then connecting different monitors to this computer

Ran BIOS on startup to ensure correct boot load order

Ran windows repair kit

Ran windows startup troubleshooter - no issues found

Backed up necessary files to the cloud and formatted my computer before reinstalling Windows 10

Use the DISM and SFC Tools in cmd prompt - found corrupt files, fixed them, still having the issue.

None of these resulted in a success. If you have any information, or tips, or other methods of troubleshooting, please let me know. I am more than open to all help. I fear it may be a motherboard issue and don't currently have the money to replace it, so I'm praying someone out there knows something that I have yet to try or test. Thank you in advance.


  • Ian


    If you've reinstalled Windows and went through all of that software troubleshooting without a resolution. you'd be looking at an actual hardware issue at this point. There isn't really anything else you can try software-wise after a reinstall of Windows.

  • SC3

    To further verify the issue is not software, you can test with a USB bootable Linux OS (e.g. Ubuntu or LinuxMint). As Ian says, if the problem persists, then it's likely hardware.

    Good news to a hardware issue is it may be common 2.4GHz RF interference. The problem is USB wireless keyboard, Bluetooth and even WiFi 2.4G may all clash in the 2.4GHz band. Plus the metal in PC cases also blocks RF signals. I too had unusual symptoms of ghost USB keyboard dropouts, shown by slow or no key response or too many repeats.

    My fix was to use a USB extension cable to route the USB keyboard receiver closer, and in line of sight, to the keyboard and mouse. That receiver now broadcasts from the base of my monitor. Same with the Bluetooth receiver, now I have it pigtailed on top of the case.

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