How are "AMD Rewards" game codes (or similar deals) dealt with? How do you get the code?


My father drove to a Microcenter, and send me a picture of the receipt, and the boxes he picked up for me (7700x, and 32gb ddr5 6000). It might have been only one side of the receipt and the code is on the other side. Not sure, yet. But it's not in the picture I got from him

Are these codes usually shoved inside the CPU boxes? Do you get the code through the online system somehow? AMD's site says:

"Participant should refer to the participating retailer for instructions regarding obtaining AMD coupon code before purchase. As examples only, a participating retailer may require you to request AMD coupon code from the cashier upon purchasing the Eligible AMD Product(s); a voucher with the AMD coupon code may be inserted into the shipping box; AMD coupon code may be emailed to you after the participating retailer confirms your online purchase; or a participating retailer may require you to fill out an online request form after your purchase demonstrating that you purchased the Eligible AMD Product(s) from that participating retailer during the Promotion Period. The AMD coupon code may be given to you on a physical coupon voucher or it may be provided to you electronically."

Which method is used here??? I never told him to "request AMD coupon code from the cashier ".


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