I purchased an HP 240 mouse from the shelf at Microcenter in St. Louis Park but it rang up wrong.


I was looking for a bluetooth 5.0 mouse. I purchased a Microsoft one last year and love not having a Dongle.

Anyway, I picked up a HP 240 Bluetooth 5.0 mouse from Microcenter. It's been 2 days and the left mouse button has stopped working. It doesn't always register clicks, or I have to press it really hard.

I went to HP support and before making a ticket I went to the Microcenter website and got my receipt but it shows a "HP X500 Wired Mouse (E5E76AA) - Black" on my receipt and NOT the mouse I purchased. When I search online I don't even SEE the mouse I did buy, HP 240.

It's bad but I need to return it and there's no phone number or chat link that works for the St. Louis Park store. Any idea what to do? It's a 90 minute drive for me so I'm not driving up there for just a $15 mouse today.

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