For a PowerSpec PC, how do we get Windows to recognize the motherboard-attached SSD?


I was not able to find a driver for my version.

Installation: Windows 11 pro, international English, 64 bit



  • Scary_Guy

    Windows should have the drivers already. You can double check to make sure it's not Windows by downloading a live Linux distro (Ventoy is amazing for this task BTW), installing it to a USB stick, and booting off of that. If it can see it then the issue is more likely in the BIOS UEFI settings. If you're trying to make it the boot drive I'd look there and make sure it sees it.

    On the off chance it is actually a driver in Windows (which I find really unlikely) I'd contact the manufacturer.

    Also keep in mind that the SSD isn't permanently attached to the motherboard. I'd double check to make sure it's installed correctly, then put the brand/model of the SSD itself on here since that drive could be almost any M.2 PCIe drive.

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    Scary_Guy is correct, you shouldn't need to install a driver to see the SSD unless you enabled VMD the drive is part of a RAID array. It sounds like you added a new drive and reinstalled the OS on that drive? Now you're trying to use the old drive as a data drive? Does the drive show in Disk Management?

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