New to 3D Printing - Poor results from CREALITY CR-10 SMART PRO 3D printer


I purchased a CREALITY CR-10 SMART PRO 3D PRINTR from the store yesterday, assembled it last night and have tried a few prints. The instructions apart from assembly are terrible, with a single page devoted to leveling the bed, but no real details on the process. The printer has auto and aux leveling, and there's a couple of icons and a home next to them. I don't know when I should use each option, or what the icons mean. I've tried the auto leveling and after the nozzle seems to drop the hot filament from a couple of millimeters above the bed. I tried aux levelling and using the dials at each corner configured it so the nozzle was close enough to barely allow a single sheet of paper to move between the nozzle and the bed. I thought I had it, but when I went to print, the head moved up, the distance sensor dropped down, measured the distance to the bed, and then repositioned itself and proceeded to drop the hot filament again from a couple of millimeters. As a result, I sometimes see the filament is not attaching to the bed leading to straight lines during drawing, and sometimes the first bit of the print loops and gets caught during a later part of the print, pulling the whole model off the bed. The rows aren't sticking, so it looks like a slinky instead of a solid shape.

Any assistance would be appreciated!


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