Is a PC Build Under 1,000 Possible

Mfee to play games and run VR. I want a new system and my options are to buy a laptop or rig fully assembled,or build my own. I love to build my own, and this is no exception. Doesn't need the latest graphics but prefer extra processing power to run newer games.


  • magarity
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    Yes, of course, under 1000 is certainly possible. Microcenter has a "builder" page that will walk you through the steps: PC Builder: Build Your Own PC | Micro Center

    To stay in that budget, start with either an Intel 12400K or AMD 5600 as the CPU. Go ahead and give it your best shot then save the build under "Unnamed List" on the right side and then you can paste the link it will show under "share". Then we can get you some feedback. If I do one for you, I don't know what color case you like, if you need a monitor, all those little details, so it's best if you get yourself started.

  • Trainbang
    Thanks Margarity. With the high inflation, I was worried my build would be 1500 or more. Will put one together and see what the community says.
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