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 I go by Squatch. Ive always been more the tool and fab by hand kinda guy. BUT recently (bout the last yr'ish) have found myself getting into the tech side of things. When wanting to run motors and cnc build etc, I have found myself at the disadvantage of not having the correct tools for the job per say lol. My question is how did some of my older peps in here (im 40 so around that and up) start learning this stuff. I know the newer generations have this all locked down and thats awesome truly! But i didnt grow up on this stuff. MY biggest help has been watching vids on whatever, But that doesnt help when later im looking at stuff to buy and trying not to spend stupidly because of not knowing one little thing.lol. Are there into classes or good tutorials that anyone recommends for lets say building a budget game system that eventually can be upgraded. Actually ones that people vouch for. If it helps answer the question im looking to build a sim for X-Plane 11. Anyway thanks for any advice or bashes coming lol!


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    When you are ready to build your computer, I would talk to one of the BYO representatives at your local Micro Center. They can help you to pick out the items that would be best for the computer you are looking to build. They can help pick out the best prices on the right Items for you.

  • Squatch9

    Awesome thanks, I have buddies that do it but im not learning if they are just telling me what to get

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    Hey, Squatch!

    To piggyback on what Shoan said, the BYO associates are more than happy to explain what the parts do and why they chose them.

    That being said, there are several YouTube channels that focus on this sort of thing. LinusTechTips, Gamers Nexus, and JayzTwoCents are three that come to mind. I'll link you two YouTube videos that I think may help you out. A lot of folks these days learn by watching content creators like these. In fact, watching YouTube videos is how I started learning about computers over a decade ago.

    If you have any specific questions, I encourage you to reach out on these forums!

    Best of luck with your future build!



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