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Written by Sean Mekinda

Streaming equipment is certainly not cheap. A true professional setup can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. But when you're first starting out streaming, there's no reason to spring for the highest-end gear you can find when you can get fantastic equipment without emptying your wallet.

Redragon has a wide range of excellent, budget-friendly keyboards and mice (we loved the brown-switch Deverajas keyboard!) but it doesn't stop there. They have everything a burgeoning streamer would need to start their career... all for under $150. Under $100 if you already have a headset! So, let's break it down.


Largely gone are the days of the faceless streamer, quietly playing an obscure game on Twitch. Now, it's all about personality and the easiest way to show off your personality is with a face cam! There is a catch, of course. If your cam is a relic of the early 2000s with the quality of a 1997 digital camera, the only personality you'll be showing off is a grainy, low-resolution 4:3 square that vaguely looks like a person. When you're streaming, you want at least a 1080p webcam.

Redragon's Hitman GW800-1 is a great introductory camera for up-and-coming streamers for just that reason. With 1080p support, your streams will look crisp and clear so you can really show off every reaction and expression. It's straightforward and easy to use, with a quick plug-and-play setup and a plethora of built-in tools, like Advanced Fixed-Focus Tech, to help minimize the time you spend fiddling with it during your stream. There's even an onboard microphone, so if you can only choose one thing to get you going, this is it. And speaking of microphones...


There's an argument to be made that a good microphone is even more important than a good webcam. If your audience can't see you, it's a bummer. If your audience can't hear you, why are you streaming at all? And while there is a good chance you have a microphone somewhere - in your webcam, on your headset, built into your laptop - a dedicated microphone can help elevate your stream from first-timer to seasoned veteran.

Redragon has two stand-alone microphone options. The Quasar2 GM200 is a bit more beginner focused, with fewer bells and whistles than its counterpart below. Its focus is ease of use and it nails it. With an included stand and pop filter, your streams will sound great right out of the box. (If you're unsure why a stand and pop filter are important, a sturdy stand can help reduce noise pickup from desk vibrations while a pop filter will cut down on your plosives - your 'T's, 'K's, and 'B's.) Plus, the Quasar2 is currently $10 off at time of writing, bringing it to only $29.99 - a great price for a beginner microphone.

If you're looking for something a bit more advanced, the GM300 is the perfect next step. It also comes with a pop filter and stand, keeping that easy setup, though the stand is more heavy-duty with additional supports for noise reduction. The mic itself has volume control and mute buttons, so you can quickly mute yourself if you need to step away. Additionally, this is a cardioid microphone and will pick up noise from the front and both sides (think heart-shaped) to improve audio fidelity, a must-have to improve the listening experience for your audience!


With a webcam and a nice microphone, you're pretty much set to start streaming. However, you should definitely have some sort of headset. Otherwise, you risk audio bleed from your games and stream notifications and that quickly becomes an auditory nightmare for your viewers. You might think that a simple pair of headphones will be enough, but have you tried wearing headphones for 4+ hours? That gets tiring. You need something with comfort for your marathon sessions.

The Redragon Zeus is your comfort answer on a budget. But just because they're budget-friendly headsets, that doesn't mean they're lacking features. The Zeus headset offers 7.1 surround sound, a detachable microphone, and in-line volume controls, so you've got long-term comfort and quality. And for the cherry on top, the Zeus headset will work with all your consoles, making them the ultimate budget buy!

And with that, you've got a great streaming setup, with a high-quality camera, microphone, and headset. If you still need a computer, be sure to check out our Streaming PC Build Guide. Or, if you want to learn the basics, we have a Setup Guide and a StreamLabs OBS explainer to get you going! So, what are you waiting for? Stop by your local Micro Center, pick up everything you need to start streaming, and go live!


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