How to cancel a service appointment?


The email confirming my service appointment today at the Westmont, IL store has a "Cancel this appointment" link. After I was able to resolve the issue I was having, I wanted to cancel the appointment, so I clicked on that link, which took me to a web page with the error message "This Cancellation ID is invalid at this time." I tried the link a few more times with the same result.

I also tried to engage online chat. Apparently either that link is broken, chat is no longer offered, or I clicked during off-hours (note: no hours for chat are disclosed).

I don't want to be viewed as rude not showing up for the appointment but am out of ideas for how to notify Microcenter so the appointment time could be better used. Are there any other options? The clock is ticking -- the appointment is an hour away.....


  • I finally found a different Chat link that worked. I was able to communicate my request to cancel the appointment, and apparently that info will be passed on to the service team.

    I generally like Microcenter, but I have to say the info on the website for contacting them is anything but user-friendly. I followed a link from one online search result to get to chat and ended up with what seems to be a dead link. I had to dig around again to find another link that worked. The "Cancel" link in the email either didn't work, or generated the dreaded ambiguous error message where you don't know if it worked or not. Not really impressive for a tech company ;-)!

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    You wouldn't have appeared rude by not showing up. The appointment is just a way to pre-fill your information into the system to save time once you arrive. The service team doesn't really see a calendar with appointments on them.

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