Looking for a particular Ryzen motherboard.

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Im finally getting myself a new rig! I want a motherboard for Ryzen that has the ability for 2 monitors but most of all that can dual boot win 10/ Linux since I want to learn Linux.

I currently have an asus M5A97 on a FX 8300 and Win 7 and try as I must it wont boot linux at all (disabling secure boot, creating partition, running from usb, creating boot starters you name it) reading up on it apparently this and most asus uefi have a bad time with that, my favorite brand for mobos has been MSI in the past so Id be inclined towards that and avoid asus.

I havent assembled a machine in a few years but cant find a reliable answer about the mobo dual boot actually working anywhere.

could anyone suggest a mobo that fits that spec?

Im looking at Ryzen 5+ and RTX series with 16ram at least for the rig purpose being some undemanding gaming (WoW, D4, Swtor, Lost Ark etc) but high demanding 3d programs Blender/Maya/Zbrush


  • magarity
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    Is there a particular reason you need linux as the host operating system? I use a virtual computer for linux all the time with windows 11 and it works fine.

  • Luciana

    I want to learn Linux and eventually transition to it instead of win 11 so I dont want a virtual sandbox.

  • gqrbqge
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    I have an X570 and its pretty good for the price

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    I use Linux occasionally with various modern boards, AM4/AM5 and I really haven't had any issues. With Secure Boot if you're using the latest version of Ubuntu or FreeBSD they're signed. Debian, Arch linux you'll have an issue, but can simply disable it. Or if want to learn more about UEFI and Secure Boot you can make and add additional keys to allow those distro's to boot. If you have a board or a price range for a board, I may have it or a similar board I can install Linux on as a test.

    As for your issue with the older board. Probably is a UEFI problem. I'd just enable CSM in your BIOS and install it in legacy mode. Make sure the OS partition is set active.

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