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I'm looking at two builds:

An Intel i9-13900K with a MSI Pro Z790-A WIFI ATX, and a 

or a Ryzen 9 7900X with a Gigabyte - X670 AORUS ELITE AX

My current build is 12+ years-old and has suited me well, but my current Intel i7 950 (on a Asus P6X58D Premium) has bottlenecked my RAM and upgradeability.

I know it's rare these days for a PC to last 10+ years, but I'm curious which route (Team Blue, or Team Red) is more likely to allow me to upgrade without full replacement of the system (Can AMD chips more-likely upgrade? Are the new < nanometer chips going to make this an impossible option anyways?) Is one more apt to have driver support in the 8 years if I want to replace components?

At the moment, I'm not much for video games, but I do use Photoshop CC, do a lot of multi-tasking in browsers, run many applications at once, and could see myself delving into VR in the future too (maybe even 3D modeling, but we'll see.) So, basically, I'm not looking for THE BEST, just the best foundation and path forward.


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    So if you want to get a new CPU at some point without having to upgrade everything else then AMD is the way to go. You could have bought a Ryzen 1400 in a 320 chipset motherboard back in 2017 and be buying a brand new Ryzen 5600 to put in it today. The company has said the new AM5 socket will see "similar" (for what that's worth) lifespan. A nice x670 motherboard in particular is very likely to support the latest CPUs after a few years (since the 320 chipset was horribly cheap and even those are good for upgrades now).

    Intel on the other hand changes sockets almost every generation. There are some exceptions but their typical thing is new generation needs new socket. If you got that 13900K, well, that's the top end chip. So there wouldn't be any upgrade without buying a new motherboard because it's already been announced the 14th gen will get a new socket.

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