Need help contacting a store employee for making an invoice in Columbus Ohio?


Hello, yesterday I went to MicroCenter for help with an invoice. I spoke to a nice gentleman called Russ and he helped me fill out an invoice. There are some things that need to be changed and I tried sending him an email from the email provided on the invoice he gave me. Gmail is saying that the email is not found and I don't know what to do? My payee needs an invoice from the store to "officially verify" things. I can't keep traveling to MicroCenter as it's like a 3 hour round trip. I've tried texting the stores official phone and they've stopped responding through that way. I've been planning to get a new expensive computer for over year and if someone could please help me see this through I would very much appreciate it. One more thing to add is the circumstances that are hindering me are not at all MicroCenters fault. I just need to contact an employee at the Columbus Ohio location.


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