Has the time come for Clearwater, FL to welcome the Ultimate Computer Store with open arms???

I can’t wait for the day that Micro Center opens a location near me. Financially speaking it would be an extremely smart decision. I’m located in Clearwater, Florida and the only options we have are a couple mom and pop PC shops that can’t afford to keep parts in stock so everything has to be ordered, even something as basic as a couple sticks of DDR5 ram or a basic 1TB SSD, and other than that it’s just Best Buy, which has always been wayyy too proud of their products. For years we were pretty well off here in Clearwater. At first we had CompUSA, which was always slammed busy, it didn’t matter what time of the day you tried to go to the store, whether you got there 10 minutes before they opened or 10 minutes before they closed, there were either people waiting outside the door to get in, or people hiding inside the displays in hopes to be locked in overnight. From time to time this was frustrating because they didn’t have enough knowledgeable employees, but we dealt with it, because hey we have a CompUSA. Then we heard that CompUSA was closing, i shed many a tear, but then found out that this wasn’t exactly true. The blast from the past tech store “Circuit City” which was consumed by Tiger Direct years before this CompUSA store ever existed, and now Tiger Direct just had a bad case of the tummy rumblies again, so they ate up CompUSA. So then we were blessed with a brand new Computer store in the exact same location on US highway 19. Just as CompUSA did, Tiger Direct had tons of loyal customers, and was always busy. Then right around 2015 Tiger Direct decided to close 31 stores and sell products strictly online, and of course the Clearwater store was one of them, a part of me believes they just made too much money and ran out of places to put it. So now, after 8 years of mourning the loss of our local computer store, I come to you with the belief that us Floridians are ready to move on and welcome Micro Center with open arms. I beg of thee! We need it, like yesterday! You’d be doing God’s work for sure.



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